Large quantity of embroidery patch production finished, and delivery garments factory due to time

This patch used only white felt, black polyester thread and white polyester thread. The size of the embroidery approximate height 5 cm and width 5 cm. they can used the embroidery¬† such as sweater, mans hoody, polo shirt and other garments. So, select the best factory to produce the desire your products. Finished the productions one months ago. This is my first blog……

blog image Patch

Embroidery Patch

Heavy quantity Applique Embroidery finished one and half months ago

Applique Embroidery

schiffli Embroidery Applique

The embroidery attached in girls tee shirts. that is used the materials such as schiffli embroidery applique, pink colors sewing thread, spray and white color bobbin thread. The embroidery had delivery to sewing factory. The factory shipped the products buyer destination. if you need more information about goods please feel free contact me