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Embroidery Production Analysis

The manufacturer goals cost minimization profit maximization with stretch the business to create employment for unemployed people. The manager fully responsible for production analysis, also know the PM large quantity & high stitch for ship the goods requirement. How many workers, days, machine, and materials required for the large quantity embroidery inquire?. The production analysis is a core of duty on PM

Generally, two shift are working in embroidery factories like morning shift and nightshirt, eight hours in shift & rest of the over time. Suppose an application 35000 stitches 3 colors of quantity 1, 50,000 pieces customer needed within 10 days shipped the goods. Calculating workers, machine, and materials?

Production Analysis

Needed time in batch 44 m + 3 times color change 3 x 10 second + batch setting & bobbin change 5 m+ 1 m pickup finish goods + thread broken 1 m=51.5 m required in a batch. In a shift 13 batch with 4 hours over time=20 head x 13 batches =260 pieces. In two shift 260 x 2=520 pieces in an embroidery machine finished the goods a day.

303 machines required to complete the order with 5% extra work. If you finished order within 10 days 34 machine needed with 1-day reserve. The manager is the analysis of production at day by day. The manager needs extra machine when failing the production target of an operator. The buyer is fixed the consignment date.

Needed worker: In an embroidery machine for the work one operator, one Assist Operator, and one helper total 3 three workers. 34x3x2=204 operator needed in a machine one quality controller for two shift 32+204=260 worker.  More 5 people required as manager, Designer, two supervisors and one quality controller head.

The embroidery supervisor distributes work to the operator with production report after finished the shift manager report analysis with total orders. So, one machine operator produces the application 260 pieces in a shift with over time. Most of all, the manager is totally responsible to increase production to motivate the worker, target bonus and other facilities.  In a day the total production of an application will be 34 x 2 x 260=17680 pieces (up & down), So it is defined the manger

Therefore, 40.59 million Miters threads & 13.1 million meters bobbin tread required for this inquires. Consumption needles 8840 pieces and 251 pieces interlining and other broken machine parts. At least two liters machine oil is required per day. Almost, 700 pieces need ADC tape for the inquiry.

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