Production Process Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

Production Process

It is all starts with an idea!!! The embroidery production process is the main key to the factory. First, needed fabric inspection for before fabrics cutting and identify the hole, spot, low quality, color, GSM etc. Second step, production is fabrics cutting. it is essential produces for garments according to pattern measure cutting the fabrics. Third step, Ironing & pressing is required best printing & embroidery making, opposite will be low quality or reject. 4th step,  before embroidery, must be needed printing some work not possible without embroidery.

The most important production process are making stitching with an idea or a piece of artwork. That artwork has to be digitized. It is a particular process of converting to buyer artwork into stitches. On other hands, The designer can take a specific format of artwork like a jpeg, tif, eps and convert into emb file. The designer has actually recreated the artwork using various stitches in a sense of design. The digitize is embroidery programming process. Finally, The design loaded into the machine to stitching an exact design, in an exact color, with an exact type of stitch. That is called the process of digitizing.

Production Process of Local and Subcontract Factory

The subcontract factory doesn’t need the fabrics inspection. The export-oriented factory is getting cutting fabrics from garments. It has required only pre-process of production. That means to synchronize the cutting fabrics for production. The subcontract factory no needs shipment internationally. So, they are producing products for cutting after mending goods delivery the garments.

The local factory are producing allover products panel for 3 pieces and other local products. The local customer provides to all fabrics to the factory.  So, they are producing products as per customer requirement. After complete the goods, it is delivery customer destination.

As a result, the quality department removes the extra thread, interlining, mending the unstitched area and trimming embroidery after production. The final products are one by one packing for ready to ship.

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