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Embroidery Products

The embroidery factory owners are the main sense of duty to produce eye-catching fashionable products to increase the sales. So hire skills worker & technical employee. The technical employee develops the sample as per customer requirement. The buyer needs before productions sample development, promotional sample, salesman sample, and bulk production. So, customer’s artwork has digitized, it is ready to product’s sample development. if any change the digitized the design, the designer edit it to make the Samples. The sample is needed customer proved.  After confirmation, the promotional sample and salesman sample send to buyer office by international Currier. The buyer checked the promotional sample than going to bulk goods.

The embroidery production is a systematical process on mechanizes. Before starting of stitching can be sitting thread colors, needle, bobbin, and oil must be loaded by into the computerized embroidery machines. A spool of thread for each color for each stitching head must be loaded. So, the machine operator loaded design into production machine by setting color sequence and rpm of the machine speed. Another color will be run when one embroidery color stitch complete, after finish the embroidered making. Finally, The design automatically loaded to next production.

The buyer has produced the garment to sales the market. they have needed the low price on best quality garments. when the getting inquiry, search manufacture as country wise. they have many liaison offices most manufacturer country. After deicing the factory the buyer, they produce the garments from there. The products shipped in due to time. Almost, the customer sells the products B2B, B2C, and C2B.

Embroidery Products Local & Export

Therefore, the embroidery goods are popular in globally.  So that, buyer place the many country factories for their customer requirement full feel.  Many kinds of embroidery products in the market like a sweater, patch, allover fabrics, brand logo, curtain, bed sheet, pillow, lace, flower, applique tee shirt, ladies’ sequins tee shirts, blouse, Kurtz etc. Some embroidered goods are given below:


Allover Emb fabrics


Allover Fabrics




Womans Dress


Ladies Dress


Three Piece




Tommy Hilfiger Denim Logo




Towel Chenille

gsed Products

Girls Sequins Dress

GSE Products

Girls Sequins Emb

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